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Children's center development and education

Mandarina Day

Offers group and private lessons for children from 9 months and also a private kindergarten for children from 2 years. You want Your child learn responsibility, respect, and to reveal their talents, reach the goal? Dream of a harmonious physical development of the child? We have every child will find something to their liking. Welcome to the children's center “Mandarina Day”!

Катерина Белая

“Спасибо огромное за такой замечательный день открытых дверей)) попробовали несколько уроков, познакомились с преподавателями и успели поиграть))) очень понравилось! И сыну и родителям).”

Kindergarten is aside from noisy highways
Education is provided in Russian and English languages
Parents can watch their child on-line
Conveniently located in the historic city center